Estate Planning Documents

We offer customized, effective Trust and Will packages, Probate services, Powers of Attorney, estate planning documents and much more. Keep your assets out of conflict and court with the proper documents.

Accurate & Affordable Estate Documents

Providing the customized documents to meet your estate and probate needs. No need to pay high attorney fees if you know what you want to do with your assets and property. Creating the documents needed to effectively pass assets and property the way you want them to be gives you and your family the asset protection tools and peace of mind provided by a trust. A will is a probate instrument. A trust helps avoid the probate process. Why pay the court to distribute when you can do that with a trust? No matter your choices, having your documents completed and updated as necessary is imperative. 


Wills, Trusts, Probate, Updates, Funding


Powers of Attorney


Guardianship and more

Trust Packages

Creating the Trust documents you require with the highest quality and up-to-date technology. Making sure your documents are effective and based on current legal updates. Our Trust Packages include the Trust, Pour-Over-Will, Powers of Attorney, customized binder and USB with your estate & probate documents. We also offer various Trust types for pets, nursing homes, special needs, any more. 


In Arizona, assets that do not pass automatically go through probate. We are prepared to help with the documents and filings needed to help you work through the court processes throughout the state.


Preparing probate & estate documents necessary for adult and minor guardianships. Short-term and long-term guardianship. Whether going through court process to protect a parent or child, or creating guardians through your will or trust, we produce the necessary documents for the appropriate processes. 

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